Révélations : Biennale Internationale des Métiers d’Art et de la Création

For its third edition, following the success of the first two, the International Biennial of Crafts and creation, Revelations, reinvests the Grand Palace for a show entirely dedicated to contemporary creation.

Since 2013, the International Biennial of Crafts and creation, Revelations, created by the professional group Ateliers d'Art de France, the Grand Palais the first week of May every odd year - alternating with Monumenta. It brings together collectors, gallery owners and international architects. Revelations is thus primarily a cultural event where the know-how and creativity are honored. With over 400 exhibitors (craftsmen, designers, gallery owners, homes, schools and foundations), selected by an artistic Steering Committee composed of international personalities and chaired by Serge Nicole, the event allows designers and manufacturers to benefit a springboard and everyone to discover works of great diversity.

For this edition, we find what made the success of Revelations: a neat scenography, signed this year the Studio Gradere, exhibitions, and highlighting a country guest of honor. After Norway and South Korea this year is Chile that is selected to be the featured nation presented on a stand designed by the artist Nury Gonzàlez and Pablo Nuñez, on the model of the traditional houses of the area. The country then has a plethora of designer crafts all innovative and challenging, and pays tribute to his compatriot Violeta Parra, artist known worldwide, through a clear project. Traditional techniques of this country, often ancestral, are revisited here by jewelers, textile artists, sculptors and other artists and craftsmen.

The international exhibition "The Banquet" extends this invitation to travel through nine selected countries - Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, South Korea, Russia, China, Senegal and Togo - which reveal a series of works each specially developed for the biennium. Germany for example has one of its flagship contemporary ceramists, Claudia Biehne, while for Russia, thanks to Urban Art Nations - a platform of designers and craftsmen - reveals "Black Stuff" Maria Koshenskova a work dealing with the issue of identity. The opportunity to discover the techniques and arts of other cultures while dealing with current issues.

The exhibition also promotes pieces of great dexterity by the representation of workshops and more than promising artists. So we can discover the work of workshops Amea Stamp 52 and specifically the cabinetmaker Adrien Ancel excelling in the manufacture of springs seats carved birch or that of Luce Couillet, graduated in Textile Design at the National School of creation industrial Paris. Inspired by the artisan weaving, the latter sends here a series of movable woven wood or paper.

For four days, it is also possible to discover the "Péri'Fabrique" exhibition, after a co-creation program set up by D'Days and supported by the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation and the Eastern territory Together Greater Paris. This initiative brings art designers and craftsmen, who receive a scholarship to fund the creation of experimental works. The approach is original: the craftsman chooses the designer with whom he wants to work and sees no drawing before the start of the creative process. The work from these meetings are visible under the glass roof of the Grand Palais for the duration of the show.

Revelations in partnership with Muuuz, invites you to the 4 8 May to travel and discover skills and techniques of artists and craftsmen of tomorrow.

Photos: PhotoProEvent
To learn more, visit Revelations the site

3) Germany - Claudia Biehne © DR
4) Russia - Denis Milovanov © Artyom Ibatullin
5) Adrien Ancel Workshops Amea Stamp © Alpha Re
6) Luce Couillet © Baptiste Heller
7) Screen-Ara Gregory Lafforest and Mireille Herbst © Jérome Galland

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