Jasper Léonard : New York Resized

"The big apple", "the city that never sleeps" ... So many periphrases to describe the size of the American metropolis to multiple skyscrapers. Thanks to the effects of focus, the Belgian photographer Jasper Léonard plays with this gigantism and the reports of scale, in a book released last November 20, New York Resized. And if, for once, you dominated the east coast of the United States?

If the mention of the effect "Tilt-shift" is unfamiliar to you, it is nevertheless for all users of the eponymous filter of Instagram. The "Tilt-shift" in French, refers to the effect of blurring only the background of a cliche, thus reinforcing the perspective effect, while reinforcing the major importance of what lies at the forefront. This focusing technique, achieved through the combination of a mirrorless camera body with a mismatched lens, allows the artist to capture scenes from Big Apple's everyday life with a fantasy perspective. : that of a giant.


"Our brains know that this kind of blur is a signal that the scale is probably small. " Jasper Léonard, photographer

His aerial shots that seem to capture models and not authentic streets of NYC are accompanied by quotes from iconic New Yorkers, such as journalist Alister Cooke or singer Lana Del Rey. And although the eye of Leonardo has also applied this same treatment to his / her canvas (s) of the city of Antwerp (Belgium), the technique seems to have been specially designed to be experienced on the city that never sleeps.

What rediscover Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens in a book that, as Christmas approaches, will find its place under the tree of the Rockefeller Center.

To learn more, visit the Jasper Leonard site

Photographs: Jasper Leonard

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