Jeroen Peters : Spatial Interactions

If for many, the brutalist architecture evokes only an overwhelming massiveness, for the Dutch photographer Jeroens Peters it is quite the opposite. His series Spatial Interactions, testifies to his fascination for the current in a set of clichés always more poetic and airy, which depict the constructions in an almost surreal or even abstract way.

After starting his professional career as an architect, Jeroen Peters realizes that his passion for the discipline will not be realized through design but through photography. For this, he starts studying at the Dutch Photo Academy in Apeldoorn (The Netherlands), from which he graduated in 2012.


Characterized by a very tight framing, his shots extract the buildings from their context to retain only the pure forms, closer to the minimalist paintings of Ad Reinhardt or Frank Stella than the buildings that populate our boulevards.

"I like abstracting urban forms [...] with a focus on structure. In this way, the subject, or a part of it, attracts all the attention and the spectator is not distracted by trees, lampposts, cars, etc. " Jeroen Peters, photographer

A way of working that has many constraints. To achieve a licked and polished result, the artist can indeed exercise his art only on very sunny days; the blue sky constituting the unifying element of each of his works. This is how he seized a large number of works in Spain, where the strong luminosity offers strong shadows and almost unreal contours.

A series still in the process of feeding that will evolve a whole vision on brutalism.

To learn more, visit le site the Jeroen Peters

Photographies : Spatial Interactions

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