Laurent Kronental : Les Yeux des Tours

If the Picasso City of Nanterre (92) fascinates and is the subject of many photographs, few have given them an innovative look. After being interested in the envelope of the famous towers Aillaud - say "clouds" - in his project Remembering a Future, Laurent Kronental captures these iconic constructions through their windows in his new series: The Eyes of the Towers.

Erected by the architect Émile Aillaud between 1973 and 1981, the 18 eponymous constructions have the particularity of being provided with windows in the form of drops of water, circles or squares with rounded edges. A way for their designer to move away from the typology of bars pushing at the time as mushrooms in outlying areas of the Paris region. A desire to cheer the city Picasso, reinforced by the intervention of the painter Fabio Rieti who colors the facades of these famous mosaic buildings with bright shades.


It is this unique architecture that pushes the French photographer Laurent Kronental to take a closer look at those that are part of the soul of Nanterre, and whose singular openings have captivated him. After analyzing them in all their seams and immortalized from the outside, he begins 2015 to walk there, going from apartment to apartment. This is where he comes to the idea of ​​capturing this neighborhood differently.

"The porthole is not only an original window, but it also appears as a bifacial eye that observes the world, as a subtle boundary between the environment and the home. " Laurent Kronental, photographer

The result is a series of silver prints poetically named The Eyes of the Towers through which the artist freezes the lights of the suburbs in a soft and bluish atmosphere, devoid of any agitation. A mise en abyme that uses the contours drawn by the frames as a second frame.

"This is not a city", but rather a work of art.

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Photographs: Laurent Kronental