Événement : La fête des Lumières

Festival of Lights ... 18e! For four days, the city that was the capital of Gaul has once again shone a thousand lights on the occasion of this popular event, religious origin, four centuries old. A magical journey in the heart of a city steeped in history.

In 1643, the Lyonnais, fearing an epidemic of plague, pray Marie to save them. Their wish will be granted and, in return for this protection, they promise the Virgin to pay homage each year through a procession. Later, in 1850, they decide to erect a statue with his effigy at the top of the Fourvière hill. In 1852, once the sculpture is over, they have to wait three months to officially inaugurate the monument, because of a flood of the Saone. On D-Day, December 8, the sky darkens and fears a new postponement of the ceremony. But all of a sudden, the clouds are dissipating. The celebration can finally take place. At the angels, the inhabitants spontaneously have luminions at their windows. A tradition is born.


In 1989, the Municipality decides to decline the event on the scale of the whole city, its landscapes and its monuments. But it will take ten years for the event to take the magnitude that we know today, occupying the millennial city for four days and especially four nights. Four nights during which the curious can discover, on a perimeter now limited to the peninsula, Old Lyon and the Fourvière hill, illuminated works of all kinds: illuminated sculpture, projections, giant lanterns, etc. At the windows of buildings, we always find of course the timeless luminions - whose profits from their sale are donated to an association, this year Laurette Fugain.
Building on its success, Lyon now exports its know-how in France - Montpellier inaugurated 2017 a first event of its kind - and abroad, in cities such as Hong-Kong, Shanghai (China) or Quito ( Ecuador). A reputation that is second to none, and that does not prevent the city to innovate each edition.

"La Fête is also a laboratory where artists' creativity is expressed. " Georges Képénékian, Mayor of Lyon

From 7 to 10 December, 46 installations have staked the heart of the metropolis. A programming resulting from a selection process operated by the teams of the City Council, who chose concepts, not finite forms, which they then spread over the different sites. This year, one of the key locations, Saint John's Cathedral, returns to the visual artist Helen Eastwood and the self-taught light Laurent Brun. An emblematic place that the two accomplices had fun building and deconstructing. The facade, frozen since the 15th century, is experiencing a new life. On Place des Terreaux, the visual artist Nathanaëlle Picot makes us revise our classics of the seventh art, here reinterpreted by the animated characters of her daughter Enoha and her cat in a giant mapping taking possession of the facade of the Museum of Fine Arts and the 'City Hall. On the Grande Poste, place at retro-gaming with Corner insert, where video game heroes such as Packman ou Tekken use the building envelope as a playground. Opposite, a more down-to-earth realization brings us into a garden populated with bright flowers and butterflies. An entire program...

Once again, Lyon transports young and old in nocturnal pilgrimages whose multitude of forms delight all audiences and still ensures beautiful years to come to the event.

To learn more, visit the site of the Festival of Lights

1) Spider circus (Place Sathonay) - LAPS Group © M.Chaulet
3,4) Enoha makes his cinema (Place des Terreaux) - Nathanaelle Picot © M.Chaulet
5,6) Coin Insert (Large Post) - Mr. Beam © M.Chaulet
7) Golden Hours - Jacques Rival © M.Chaulet
8) The Pikooks (Place de la République) - Christophe Martine © M.Chaulet
9) The aquarium digger (Rue du Pdt Carnot) - Benedetto Bufalino and Benoit Deseille © M.Chaulet
10) Meter (St Bonaventure) - Stéphane Durand and Patrick Laurino © M.Chaulet
11,12) Unisson (St John's Cathedral) - Helen Eastwood and Laurent Brun © M.Chaulet
13 ) Genius Scala (Ascent of the Great Coast) - Ilex © M.Chaulet
14) Radiation (Hôtel-Dieu) - Laurent Langlois and Daniel Knipper © M.Chaulet
15) Let's take a walk (Place Bellecourt) - Tilt © M.Chaulet

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