Tom Blachford : Nihon Noir

Tokyo, Japan, artistic muse. From Gaspar Noé to Sofia Coppola, the luminous contrasts offered by the Japanese metropolis fascinate, inspire and plunge us into a futuristic, almost unreal world. The photographs of the Australian artist Tom Blachford are no exception and immerse us in this cinematic Tokyo neon bright and unique tones.

Largely influenced by the post-war modernist architecture of Kenzo Tange, Blachford tries, through his shots, to transcribe the mysterious atmosphere, typical of sci-fi movies, of Tokyo-sized buildings.


Nihon Noir, a series entirely captured by night, without any human presence, which pays homage to some twenty iconic buildings of the metropolis, such as the Shizuoka Press and Broadcast Center, the headquarters of Fuji TV - both designed by Tange -, or the Nagakin Capsule by Kisho Kurokawa. A work of goldsmith that required six days of strolling in the capital, hours of exploration, and as a result dozens of different points of view found leading to the perfect shot, one that will re-image the unparalleled atmosphere that reigns in the city.

"My goal for the series was to communicate the feeling that struck me the first time I visited Tokyo, the one that transports you to this advanced and amazing parallel universe. " Tom Blachford, photographer

With a very saturated color palette, particularly due to the exacerbated presence of neon and other colored lights, the photographer reproduces what could be a heavenly city intended to accommodate the inhabitants of the Earth in a post-apocalyptic universe.

A series that, through the past architecture, manages to project the viewer into the future.

To learn more, visit Tom Blachford's website

Photographs: Tom Blachford

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