Asif Khan : Pavillon Hyundai

Have you ever dreamed of having your head in the stars? This is what the British architect and artist Asif Khan is trying to bring to life during the Olympic Winter Games in an ephemeral pavilion covered in black Vantablack VBx 2, whose purchase of exclusive rights by Anish Kapoor had made scandal two years ago.

Placed in the heart of Pyeongchang, the South Korean city hosting this year's Olympic Winter Games, the mysterious book consists of a stretched canvas of 35's square-sided square footage by 10 high, hosting an artistic installation, a small salon and an exhibit room.

Outside, the four parabolic walls are entirely painted Vantablack VBx2, the famous black color considered the deepest in the world, because able to absorb 99,9% of the light spectrum, and that had appropriated the artist Anish Kapoor in 2016. Metal rods, also painted black and the end of which is occupied by LED bulbs, are implanted horizontally in these curved walls and merge into the dark mass. A strange perception is then set up around the pavilion, from near and far it seems that a piece of the cosmos has landed on the stone square of the Olympic Stadium.


"It's one of my main concerns to create experiences that allow us to better understand where we are as human, in this grand universe. There is a tension between wanting to know what is the shape of a thing and accepting that it may not have one. " Asif Khan, architect and artist

In contrast, the interior of the volume is immaculate whiteness. This time Asif Khan goes further in the haptic game and proposes to put the visitor at the service of the work, inviting him to pour water in the grooves of a vast ramp 16 meters long on which it is also possible to walk. The liquid is transformed into mist and plunges the place into an atmosphere of great plenitude.

A stirring design of the senses, to be discovered until February 25 in Pyeongchang!

To learn more, visit the website of Asif Khan

Photographs: Luke Hayes

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