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As part of the Thai festival Wonderfruit, aimed at highlighting creations with a carbon neutral footprint, the studio all (zone) imagines an airy and colorful structure guiding the visitors through the various exhibitions. Installation with whimsical tones, Marmalade Sky also resonates with the theme of the event since it is 100% recyclable.

"A sky of jam"What an enchanting formula to evoke the work of the Bangkok-based firm! Produced especially for Wonderfruit, a musical and artistic event focused on sustainable development and social responsibility, Marmalade Sky Shade the party-goers of Pattaya (Thailand) while creating blue and pink reflections on the ground.


Supported by simple steel poles anchored on mobile concrete pads, this aerial pergola is made up of several 8 meters square fabric modules by 8 meters signed Jim Thompson, alternating vertical and horizontal stripes while leaving a slight filtering of the southern sun. Asian and warm passersby.

Once the event has been completed, the structure has been completely dismantled and stored while waiting to decorate a new site. Last month, for example, it was reused during the children's day held at the Government House of the country.

A festive decor that does not hurt the planet!

To learn more, visit the site of all (zone)

Pictures: bee pattrayanond

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