Stephan Zirwes : Swimming pools

After having long been reserved for the military domain, the drone now enters the field of art. A new point of view on the world is then offered to us and photographers such as Stephan Zirwes who immortalises swimming pools with surprising shapes, as the user never sees them.

In his views as the crow flies - or flying drone, should we say - Stephan Zirwes gives us a vision of the world that was previously reserved for the volatile or rarer aircraft. A formerly privileged point of view that the tool now makes affordable. Accessibility conveyed by the subject himself: public pools. Those thought to be within everyone's reach may not have been quite so, since only part of it could be admired from the earth.
Whether round, rectangular or elaborate, the German artist highlights the originality of each model of basins by their superposition with a background with repetitive pattern. Behind this work with undeniable graphics, is actually hiding a media of denunciation. In fact, the photographer points out the German policy of privatization of public swimming pools and hopes that this highlighting of their singularity will be able to say how much they are part of the indispensable services which a municipality has to offer to his fellow citizens, as well as the access to water.

In addition to the recreational aspect, dispossessing the inhabitants of this equipment would therefore deprive them of this beauty.

To learn more, visit the website of Stephan Zirwes

Photographs: Stephan Zirwes

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