Événement : Exposition « L »

East of Paris, the Château de Rentilly (77), all stainless steel and coated mirror, hosts until the 10 February 2019 the exhibition "L". For " ? Simply because the name of the artists presented begins with this letter! A literal choice that has the merit of allowing the presentation of works frac Ile-de-France not or little shown to the public, and especially never together.

In 2011, the Agglomeration Community of Marne and Gondoire, in conjunction with the Ministry of Culture and frac île-de-france (Regional Fund for Contemporary Art), is launching a competition for the renovation of the Château de Rentilly. If one imagines a fairy tale dwelling, it is not so. The building, resulting from several successive reconstructions (more or less risky) since the XVIe century, had little heritage value. The client has asked teams of architects and artists to give a new life to the building, marked by originality this time around. The agency Bona - Lemercier, associated with the visual artist Xavier Veilhan and the scenographer Alexis Bertrand, won the competition with a sassy proposal, a thousand places pastiches previously operated, which consists in completely wrap the post-war realization of a double - stainless steel skin and mirror without tain. A literal translation of the Ice Palace.
If the form remains, the original mansion is nothing more than an empty shell divided into three levels: a basement and two exhibition trays, surmounted by an accessible roof. Hide this castle that I can not see ...



This showcase reflecting a garden in English and French will host from tomorrow the exhibition "L". All the artists of the collection - 1 642 coins in total -, whose name begins with this 9e consonant of the alphabet will be exposed - except distant deposits, fragile achievements or out of format. "A principle that cuts short the usual logic of choice of themes and that allows to confront works that have a priori nothing to do together, while they are together in the same collection"summarizes Xavier Franceschi, curator of the event and director of frac île-de-france. Why the choice of L? The chance of an 2.0 draw, quite simply.
The opportunity also to confront different mediums - sculptures, videos, paintings, etc. -, figurative as abstract, under the strict observance of a rule: the presentation in alphabetical order of paintings and various installations. Snow in Arceuil (1956) by Jacques René Lagrange is a pictorial reproduction of Cubist influence of the view of the artist's studio. Later, Bertrand Lavier superimposes objects resulting from mass production such as the seat Tongue of Pierre Paulin and the Planokind furniture, and parodies others as the seat Panton from the eponymous designer. Above, on the first level, two giant spinning tops of Fabrice Langlade take place, diverting to the XXL scale of this childish object, posed next to one of Ken Lum's "Sculpture Furniture", rounded sofas next to each other , making any use impossible. Behind this absurd juxtaposition: a critique of the consumer society.
In short, a way of sweeping the artistic field of the letter L from A to Z.

"L", from 22 September 2018 to 10 February 2019, to the Château de Rentilly, Bussy-Saint-Martin (77)

To learn more, visit the frac island-of-France site

01) Ken Lum, Untitled, 2002 © Ken Lum
02) The Rentilly Castle © Bona-Lemercier / Alexis Bertrand / Xavier Veilhan (ADAGP, Paris, 2018) Photo Martin Argyroglo / Montage Margaux Simonetti
03) Jacques René Lagrange, Snow at Arcueil, 1956 © Adagp, Paris, 2018. Photo: Georges Poncet7
04) Fabrice Langlade, ZZZT (Hare Profile), 2000-2001 © Adagp, Paris, 2018. Photo: Jacqueline Hyde
05) Bertrand Lavier, Paulin / Planokind, 1992 © Adagp, Paris, 2018. Photo: Jacqueline Hyde
06) Bertrand Lavier, Modified Seat Panton / Eames and Modified Seat Bertoia / Eames, 2001 © Adagp, Paris, 2018

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