NeoMam Studio : De l’art à la vie

Straight out of the imagination of Van Gogh or Kandinsky, these artists' rooms brought to life by the NeoMam graphic studio offer us a trip to the heart of unique art and a real dive into iconic interiors that populate the museums of the world.

NeoMam gives an overview of the stylistic conventions of the eras that have marked the History of Art. A point of comparison welcome, which gives us an idea of ​​the most concrete of these interiors that have inspired the greatest painters over time. From Roy Lichetenstein to Konstantin Korovin to Grant Wood, the worlds that have marked these artists take on a whole new dimension when confronted with reality. Contemplating banality, in every nook and cranny, without filters, confronts us with the touch brought by artists on rooms and banal salons. Their work, magnified by this return to reality, is all the more sensitive.


The British studio transcribes six different interiors that run through the currents of the last two centuries in painting.
The result ? A series of six realistic renderings, designed in character-generated (CG) that plunges the viewer into the raw environment of artists, and confronts them with their unique vision.
Polvilas Daknys, Artistic Director of HomeAdvisor's campaign to inspire homeowners and interior designers, is collaborating on the project with researcher Charlie Ashton managing editor Jonathan Addy, and CG artist and space designer Andrey Barinov.

Are Vincent Van Gogh, Grant Wood, Wassily Kandinsky, Konstantin Korovin, Roy Lichtenstein and Eduard Petrovich the first six in a long series?

A return to the striking reality!

To learn more, visit the site of HomeAdvisor

Photographs courtesy of HomeAdvisor; WikiArt

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