Daniel Rueda et Anna Devís : Photographies

Originally from Valencia (Spain), the duo of photographers in the city as in life immortalizes the urban landscape through playful and imaginative shots. Taking turns in front of some of the most iconic buildings in the city, the two artists exhibit their creativity daily on Instagram. Light and graphic, their work constitutes a most pleasant getaway.

Known for its impressive City of Arts and Sciences, the city of Valence proves to be a real playground for architectural photographers. It is in this urban setting that the artist duo Daniel Rueda and Anna Devis exercise, which creates humorous visuals with perfectly calibrated aesthetics revealing the architectural jewels of their native land.


When one is behind the lens, the other poses in front of one of the many buildings with remarkable architecture in the town, putting his body at the service of the monumental scale of some of the futuristic buildings characteristic of the City. Architect by profession, Daniel Rueda has the gift of finding exceptional places for their photo shoots. “If I had not had this training, I very much doubt that I could have found the architects, works and references that influence my work today. The eye is really something that needs to be worked on and fortunately, architecture is a very visually stimulating area. " he confides, moreover, about his journey.

The unique eyes of the two parts of the couple have also opened the doors to numerous collaborations with prestigious brands.

So, ready for a photographic trip to Valencia?

For more information, visit the Instagram account of Daniel Rueda and Anna Devis

Photographs: Daniel Rueda and Anna Devis

Zoe Térouinard