Portrait : Tara Donovan

Contemporary American visual artist and sculptor, Tara Donovan diverts everyday objects to create installations, sculptures and drawings, often monumental, and always poetic. Today represented by the Pace Gallery in New York, she exhibits her amazing accumulations in the United States and abroad. Zoom on an artist who sublimates the ordinary.

During her studies, Tara Donovan began to experiment with a personal artistic language using industrial objects, sold in stores, such as cardboard plates, buttons, toothpicks, nails, pencils, cups, pins, straws, paper or even duct tape. After obtaining her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design (Washington) in 1997, then her Master of Fine Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University (Virginia) in 1999, she was quickly exhibited in galleries and American institutions.
From December 15, 1999 to January 17, 2000, her first large-scale solo exhibition entitled "Tara Donovan: Whorl" featured her sculptures at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, in Washington, DC The following year, Tara Donovan participated in the prestigious biennial of the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, and several group exhibitions. In the 2000s, she further asserted her artistic language and designed in situ installations in galleries, notably in the spaces of the Ace Gallery in New York and Los Angeles. His works produced in this way, such as Transplanted (2001), Nebulous (2002) and Styrofoam Cups (2003), have become emblematic of his work and of his creative process.

In her most famous creations, Tara Donovan accumulates prosaic objects, objects of everyday life, which are doomed to be thrown away, to create surprising works, sometimes biomorphic, sometimes abstract. Each sculpture is made from a single manufactured product, used in quantity and repeatedly. By developing such a unique artistic form, the artist confronts the public with visual installations, which play on the textures of the materials used and interact with the space in which they are inserted.

Tara Donovan also enjoys exploring the possibilities of her own creative process. For several years, she has been interested in the notion of screen and has created two-dimensional or bas-relief compositions, which are framed and hung on the wall. His Drawings (Pins), composed of steel pins, alter the viewer's perception with optical illusions, inviting him to reconsider his relationship to reality.

Instead of dissociating art from life, Tara Donovan explores the creative potential of the object, and transcends everyday life. His systematic use of manufactured objects elevates the banal to the rank of art while giving his work a critical dimension. At a time of overconsumption and the ecological crisis, his work questions our relationship to the world, to nature and to artificiality.

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Visuals: 1) Tara Donovan, Colony, 2005, pencils, 10,2 cm x 345,4 cm x 288,3 cm, © Tara Donovan
2) Tara Donovan, Untitled, 2015, Slinky®s, 248,9 cm x 792,5 cm x 2,5 cm © Tara Donovan
3) Tara Donovan, Untitled, 2014, acrylic and adhesive, 306,1 cm x 431,8 cm x 393,1 cm) © Tara Donovan
4) Tara Donovan, Drawing (Pins), 2012, painting, steel painting and pins, 91,4 cm x 91,4 cm x 6,4 cm © Tara Donovan
5) Tara Donovan, Untitled (Pins), 2004, pins, 99,1 cm x 99,1 cm x 99,1 cm © Tara Donovan
6) Tara Donovan, Untitled (Styrofoam Cups), 2003/2008, polystyrene and glue cups, variable installation dimensions © Tara Donovan


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