The COP21 held in Paris, is not confined to Bourget, it will leave its mark in Paris. The Grand Palais opens transformed into an exhibition space called The Experience Climate 4 10 in December. Many artists will present their perspectives on the environment with works directly related to this universal subject and become urgent, lectures and debates are also planned accompanied by clear and accessible desired exposures.

Of the 4 10 2015 December, the exhibition will host free Climate Experiment visitors to the Grand Palace to experience the climate experiment and discover practical solutions already available and to enter the post-carbon society. On the occasion of the COP21, said device carried by the 21 Committee and France Sustainability Club, Brings together non-state actors to share climate solutions with the greatest number.

During 7 days, nearly 50 000 visitors are expected at the Grand Palais as part of a unique event in its scope, co-built by a multiplicity of actors, and providing all public a rich and free programming. Hundreds of climate change solutions for time, presented by almost 200 35 partners pavilions and exhibition spaces, 1 Night innovation, 1 Forum trades-employment training, 12 artists in residence, 1 concert-climate , 4 on showcases world music, 1 10 climate with cine-films and multiple projections permanent, 1 200 m2 of fun and educational workshops for younger 1 brunch climate to light on power issues, more conferences and 350 150 near TV sets.

To visit The Climate Experiment program click here

The Climate Experiment - Grand Palais, Avenue du Général Eisenhower 3, 75008 Paris - from the 4 10 2015 December

For more information, visit the website The Climate Experiment

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