The Gelpi Projects agency imagines a habitable painting in the form of a pavilion, playing with the boundaries between art and architecture.



In an industrial building in Detroit, two symmetrical wooden volumes are built on a mobile frame. Open, they interact with their environment. Closed, they immerse the visitor in a colorful universe whose innumerable bands of paintings show through from the outside through a series of force-fed lines.

"What results is an ambiguous figure, Almost a house, Almost a painting, a sculpture maybe, but not quite the right size" Gelpi Projects

The pavilion questions traditional modes of exhibition and overturns the hierarchy between work and support: the painting is no longer hung on the wall, it is the wall that emerges from the painting. It thus represents the close relationship between the artist and the architect, one having to integrate the work of the other into his own composition.

Photos: Gelpi Projects / Ryan Debolski

For more information, visit the website Gelpi Projects.

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