Helis is a micro architecture designed by ootro estudio, a young Spanish studio located south of Alicante. Consists of a shell with pyramidal geometries forms a temporary shelter dedicated to rest and contemplation of the landscape.

"Helix ha sido para el descanso y Imaginado the contemplation. Nace El proyecto como una iniciativa independiente con la una relación voluntad of establecer of el respeto between individuo y el paisaje." ootro estudio

Helix is ​​made with a series of cardboard pyramids which are assembled with their flaps. The tip of each of the pyramids was cut and from inside they work as cannon projecting the views on specific issues and details of the surrounding landscape. Its designers wanted to immerse the visitor in a serene and respectful relationship with the surrounding elements, a calm and quiet interlude.

The pyramids and their geometries were obtained using a laser cutting with the desired accuracy for this kind of achievement.

Photos: ootro estudio

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