The American artist Brent Sommerhäuser puts soil in motion with this installation. A waffle made of slats sprung floors.

On his creations, Brent Sommerhäuser wrote:

"There are thin, quiet places Where visible and invisible strengths material collide.
The area of ​​an empty page Approached by a pencil and a thought, or a little wind meeting the world; nudging, Persuading, diverting.

I believe there is a potency At That barrier there. Where, saddled with fuzzy lucidity, you might still daydream golden lasso a tug afloat at times Each In Their Own Way. There and not there, everythings and nothings. Both, at once.

A "tangle of matter and ghost," as Leonard Cohen MENTIONED a time or two.
I unspoken combines narrative and practical objects to merge two kinds of memory - the subtle mental process familiar and That record left upon physical material. As if preserving a glimpse of a position as a prop to experience. In coercing material to bend to Both memory and structure, the imagined is made tangible while romancing the real. "

To learn more about Brent Sommerhäuser, discover his photo galleries.

Source: Greg Kucera

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