On the occasion of the FIAC 2017, International Contemporary Art Fair in Paris, Maison Cartier, associated with the design office Transsolar, combines luxury and engineering in an exceptional creation: OSNI.1 The Scented Cloud. A poetic and olfactory installation installed on the forecourt of the Palais de Tokyo (16e).

This Subject Unrecognized Feeling (OSNI) was born of the collaboration between Maison Cartier perfumer-designer Mathilde Laurent and the German engineering agency specialized in bioclimatic sciences, Transsolar.

The work, installed on the esplanade of the Palace of Tokyo, presents, in a cube of glass and metal, a mist floating magically over a pond. Inside, a helical staircase invites the visitor to experience a phantasmagoric experience: having - literally - head in the clouds. As the ascension progresses, the perceptions are disturbed, the notes of the perfume L'Envol de Cartier are emerging; the rays of the sun which are reflected in the glazing tint the whole of a pink color contrasting with the sky. This technical and artistic performance was made possible thanks to the natural phenomenon produced by the bringing into contact of a hot air flow in the upper part and a cold current diffused at ground level.

The first part of a series of olfactory experiments launched by the luxury brand, OSNI.1 aims to encourage artists to create and nurture reflections around the theme of smell and release the fragrance from its commercial product condition.

A design agitating meaning that is in keeping with the desire to disseminate and produce contemporary art of the Cartier Foundation.
ONSI.1, until 23 October 2017, Palais de Tokyo (16e)

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Photographs: Mike Quyen

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