Installed at Abattoirs Museum-FRAC Occitanie Toulouse as part of the exhibition "100 possible challenges", The Cube is a work that is both simple and complex. Based on the concept of anamorphosis, the installation plays with the illusions of optics and pushes the spectators to interact with it, in order to understand the mechanism.

Composed of a multitude of red volumes, the work forms a whole only when it is observed from a specific point of view. If we move away, it turns into a scattered set composed of independent elements. The viewer thus contributes literally to the construction of The Cube. It is by its strategic placement that the installation takes indeed all its meaning.

If the technique of anamorphosis has already been exploited by big names in the history of art like Georges Rousse or Felice Varini, Atelier Yok Yok here integrates a work in volume, where the names mentioned above were satisfied of the 2D. The studio of engineers-architects then plays with geometric codes in space to question the perceptions of the spectator. Moreover, by unifying autonomous structures, they metaphorise the very foundation of the notion of revolution: entities that combine with each other to create one and the same protest group.

A bias that brilliantly integrates this intervention visible until April 12.

«100 possible disputes», up to 26 April 2018 at Abac-Museum FRAC Occitanie Toulouse (31)

For more information, visit Yok Yok Workshop website

Photographs: DR

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