Whether on sports fields or in urban courtyards, frescoes on the ground are more and more frequent. Proof in itself, the students of a high school in Sicily now take their breaks in a colorful outdoor space signed HENSE, a street-artist American.

The ocher hues of the city of Ragusa are shocked! Alex Brass, whose real name is, is an artist from Atlanta (United States) who has indeed decorated the courtyard of a school with an abstract fresco of 14 x 45 meters made with acrylic paint on asphalt.

Produced as part of the Festiwall, an annual event that transforms the Sicilian town into an urban art center, this piece of art is part of a set of L-shaped buildings with dull colors. The work, called Ragusa Sun, is designed to be a composition from above. The choice of bright colors contrasts with the stone of the school, thus energizing the place. In the style of a contemporary Miró, the composition alternates geometric forms into a harmonious whole.

“We used colors that contrasted with the existing architecture and were very aware of the space and scale in which we were working. " Alex Brass, artist

Hense is a regular visitor to installations of this kind since he also made a trip to Perth (Australia), the facade of a building in Atlanta or a work in Lima (Peru). If the fresco was conceived during a festival of limited duration, it will however be perennial, thus alleviating the recreations of the students who will invest it with pleasure.

Like what, a little color never hurts!

To learn more, visit the HENSE website

Photographs: Piero Sabatino

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