Decidedly, Barcelona (Spain) is a veritable pool of more imaginative artists than the others! After Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró, it's time for Diego Cabezas to amaze us with his sleek metal works. Inspired by his predecessors, the sculptor creates faces with Cubist accents and gives life to the line and the line.

A native of A Coruña, a small town in the northern Iberian peninsula, Diego Cabezas arrives in Barcelona at the age of 19 years to study sculpture and art history. Fascinated by painting, he tries to reproduce the lightness allowed by the brush through heavier materials and quickly specializes in metallurgy. A medium difficult to handle that Cabezas tames as and practice, looking for an increasingly delicate result, close to the drawing.

"I draw constantly, I think about new parts and how I will do them. I simply choose the drawing on which I want to base my sculpture and I try to follow it, but with an open mind that could change during the process. " Diego Cabezas, sculptor

Where painters try to give an impression of relief thanks to perspective in a two-dimensional work, the visual artist, meanwhile, seeks to erase the volume and the 3D of his sculptures and imagine them as floating in a limitless space . Ranging from small decorative format to large mobile - not unlike the work of Calder - the elegant curves of his books are declined according to his desires. Fine and graceful, Diego's "cabezas" redefine the possibilities given to metal.

A name to be inscribed today in the pantheon of the great artists of the city.

To learn more, visit the website of Diego Cabezas

Photographs: Diego Cabezas and Roger Ferrero

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