Dirk Bakker, known as Macenzo, is an artist of Dutch origin who travels through the cityscapes of Rotterdam, Leiden and Amsterdam in order to capture their volumes in photographic series halfway between architectural evidence and abstract compositions.

Always on the move, perched on a two-wheeler - a typical means of transport in the Netherlands - Macenzo is illustrated by a style he calls himself "Photographic", a contraction of the English terms "photography" and "graphic" summarizing perfectly the identity of his shots. After having worked from classic SLR cameras, today it's a much lighter tool to thrive. Indeed, thanks to a clever use of his iPhone and dedicated applications, he now enriches his portfolio of original architectural clichés, visible largely on his account instagram.

Its expressiveness is distinguished by a tight framing, which deliberately seldom makes the general impression of the architectural works, but rather the graphic patterns they compose. Pavers, windows, wall coverings represent indeed for him sources of inexhaustible inspiration. Macenzo works to bring out forms and motifs in the city in his shots, allowing residents to discover their homes in a new light, and offers them an aesthetic point of view built and structured on the details that make up their daily lives. .

"I try to keep my inspiration intact by using different shapes in each photo. Patterns and beautiful shapes are everywhere around us. " Dirk Bakker says Macenzo, photographer

Repetition and symmetry play an important role in her sensitivity, as much as the luminous contrasts, which give her inexhaustible visual resources that tirelessly nourish her inspiration.

The honed look of this talented photographer proves that his sensitivity to the lines, shadows and graphic textures of architecture is enough to make his simple smartphone an exceptional tool.

To learn more, visit Macenzo's website and his instagram account @macenzo
Photographs: Macenzo

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