Although Los Angeles (USA) makes many dream, the life of a native can quickly become alienating, he who spends more time in the car traffic than skateboarding Venice Beach. And if it is by car that one travels LA, this is also where the local photographer Sinziana Velicescu draws her inspiration. Or when human interactions give way to the contemplation of the urban landscape.

Far from the usual California palms and flat roofs, Sinziana Velicescu takes us into a road trip architectural through his series On the Periphery, exploring the aesthetics of the suburbs of Los Angeles with minimalist shots. A detailed photograph with tight framing highlighting the hidden beauty of the forgotten buildings on the West Coast.

The group wants to account for the loneliness experienced during the long car journeys that accompany the daily life of the inhabitants of the city of angels. Looking absently through the window in the traffic jams, drivers rarely take the time to dwell on the peri-urban buildings, too worried about their final destination. Beyond the heritage testimony, the American artist wants to draw the attention of drivers and passengers on these fragments of life, freezing the development of urban areas - which change at the speed of light - on glossy paper.

"Essentially, I'm trying to capture some of the ephemeral aspects of Los Angeles that may disappear tomorrow. " Sinziana Velicescu, photographer

This freeze-frame takes on all its meaning in the eponymous work that retraces the photographic journey undertaken by Velicescu, transforming the ephemeral of Californian constructions into a lasting object of reading.

A subtle tribute to the world capital of cinema far from rhinestones and glitter.

To learn more, visit the site of Sinziana Velicescu

Photographs: Sinziana Velicescu

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