In these rainy days, what better than to immerse yourself in the warm desert of Coachella (USA)? The opportunity for Muuuz's editorial staff to revisit the second edition of the Desert X event that embellishes the arid landscape of the Palm Springs area with architectural works and art installations. A blank canvas under the sun that has, one more year, inspired the biggest names in contemporary production.

Organized by art critic Neville Wakefield, curator Amanda Hunt and curator Matthew Schum and chaired by Susan L Davis, the event had already drawn 200 000 curious about 2017, in its first edition. Through different areas of expression - installation, sculpture, pavilions or billboards - artists question a general problem, political or environmental. This year, the selected 15 speakers were led to reflect on our relationship with water; a thematic anchored in the news highlighted in a desert environment.

"Our original mission was created to inspire contemporary artists and set an international goal in the valley, to highlight the issues we all face, while engaging in conversations with all our visitors. " Susan L Davis, President

A question that pushes the Colombian artist based in Paris, Iván Argote, to highlight the ecological disaster affecting the Salton Sea Lake, the largest in California whose surface decreases over time. His installation, A Point of View, is a concrete staircase - mixture of brutalist architecture and pre-Columbian influences - in which each step includes an inscription, which the visitor discovers once his ascension is complete.
Sterling Ruby, meanwhile, is working on mirage, a reality - often mistaken for a hallucination - linked to an abnormal propagation of light in an environment where temperature, pressure and humidity are not consistent. This mystical phenomenon, which often appears in deserts precisely in relation to the lack of water, is here translated by Specter, a purplish red monolith, referring to the frequent double suns in this kind of situation.
The Superflex collective deals with the theme from an angle mixing cinema and architecture. His work Dive-in - contraction of Diving, "Dive" in English and drive-in, outdoor cinema -, is a film exploring global warming projected on a pink coral resin structure. Floating fish interact with the Superflex setup and slowly disappear into its porous stone.

Exceptional Biennial, Desert X rhymes architecture, aesthetics and political and ecological awareness brilliantly.

To learn more, visit the site of Desert X

Photographs: DR

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