To live with young talents just graduated, the free exhibition Out of Schools proposes to stage their creations at the exhibition park of La Villette until March 31. It reveals a hundred new looks from 6 schools of Art and Design. A first entry into the world of the festival 100% EXPO.

The 100% L'EXPO festival, organized by la Villette, allows for the first time young designers and artists to exhibit and gives a welcome visibility to these emerging talents. La Grande Halle and Les Folies de La Villette receive a hundred or so young artists from prestigious 6 institutions: the Beaux-Arts of Paris, the National School of Decorative Arts (ENSAD), La Fémis, the Ecole Nationale Superieure de Industrial Creation (ENSCI - The Workshops) and the National School of Architecture of Paris-Malaquais.

Despite a hesitant scenography, the exhibition promises a breath of fresh air in the landscape of contemporary creation.
The ground floor of the Grande Halle is compartmentalized in several locations, orienting the exhibition according to the affinities of the works between them, without distinction of establishment, in a scenography imagined by several teams of professionals.
Thus, an important part of this level brings together the most monumental installations, including those of Romain Vicari, from the National School of Fine Arts in Paris, which raises eminent issues rooted in urbanity. Its installation, taking the form of a kinetic sculpture, augmented by a video and a sound accompaniment, evokes the changing city, with objects related to the urban space causing changes and displacements.
Similarly, Victor Cord'homme, a young multidisciplinary artist from the same school, enjoys significant visibility with its moving and colorful installation, suspended in the atrium.
Other graduates, this time from ENSCI, are part of the design in this first part of the exhibition. We (re) discover Guillemette de Brabant, a young designer who is interested in digital and popular science, with Coconut Alternative proposing a solution to combat soil salinization in Bangladesh.

On the balconies, the programming is just as rich, and fortunately divided by theme. Representing ENSAD, Marilou Poncin proposes an immersive installation that explores the fantasies aroused by the media and new technologies, and which questions the everyday life of women, a fresh and welcome glance in the fiber of "Women Empowerment".
Clara Daguin, also a graduate of ENSAD in 2015 and revealed at the Hyère Festival, is exhibiting her textile and digital work AURA INSIDE, which she has done in 2018 with the support of Première Vision and Le Coup d'Avance.
On the performance side, the artist Violaine Lochu, a graduate of the National School of Arts of Paris-Cergy, explores the range of language and voice in a plastic research, at the same time theoretical, sound and visual.
The Fémis completes the ensemble with 58 films, clips and audiovisual installations presented under the atrium, ranging from graduation works to the personal achievements of former students.

In parallel with this event, Les Folies invites visitors to discover digital installations, exhibitions, performances, workshops for young audiences and professional meetings with entrepreneurial artists from the Condamine and the Design Academy in Eindhoven.

Promising and already accomplished talents benefit from this benevolent visibility until March 31, to the delight of our eyes.

To learn more, visit the site of La Villette

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2) Victor Cord'homme
3) Ribeyron Lucas

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