On the occasion of the Venice Biennale, which began 11 last May, the Italian sculptor Lorenzo Quinn presents "Building Bridges", a monumental sculpture symbolizing living together, helping one another love. A message of hope that is good to hear these days.

The installation culminating at 12 meters high for 30 meters wide is composed of six pairs of hands placed on either side of the Arsenal basin. Each of them symbolizes a universal human value - friendship through the touch of palms, faith by the hand of a child in that of an adult, help materialized by force, love made visible passionate interweaving, hope with entwined fingers and wisdom through the confrontation between youth and old age - and conveys a positive message, based on the assumption that only cohesion can help build a better world.

"My art has always had one goal, to communicate common universal values. We all share the same basic needs and desires. " Lorenzo Quinn, artist

The creations of the transalpine artist are always made on the same model, taking the figure of the hand left blank to highlight a social theme. During the last edition, he had indeed caused two arms of the Grand Canal of Venice to rise to raise awareness of global warming.
The hands suggest a need for contact with others, and the fact of proposing such facilities in Venice, city of heritage and capital of bridges, joins these notions of peace and harmony between men.

A work as peaceful as aesthetic.

To learn more, visit the site of Lorenzo Quinn

Photographs: Dave Benett

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