Following his residency at the Manufacture de Sèvres, the young French designer Arthur Hoffner is celebrated at his Parisian gallery (1er arrondissement) from June 19 to 28 September 2019. On the occasion of this exhibition, he continues to reinvent the interior fountain and presents his last three variations.

Winner of the Cinna contest in 2011, the Public Prize at Design Parade of Villa Noailles in 2017 and FoRTE (Regional Fund for Emerging Talents) in 2018, Arthur Hoffner is the new face of contemporary design. Already in Hyères (83), this young French designer 29 years had caused a sensation when he had exposed his first research around utensils and ceremonial fountain. In 2019, he makes exceptional pieces, unique or limited edition, and makes the fountain a design object conducive to visual delight and domestic use.

"As a designer, it will be a question of assuming the game of this utensil of ceremonies whose use is none other than contemplation. And to think of design as a malicious source of pleasure. ", Arthur Hoffner, designer.

Under the gaze of Hoffner, the fountain becomes an original association of forms, materials and heterogeneous tones. According to the declination, it combines the precious Sèvres porcelain - blue, white or gold - with marble and brass. A rock base, a ceramic funnel, a metal pipe and sometimes a false sponge. So many disparate elements that make the interior fountain a sculptural illusionist composition: "With this new definition of the components and materials that make up the indoor fountain, I try to really insert it into the domestic landscape. ", He explains.

With humor, creativity and diversion, the prodigy designer constantly rethinks the fountain through ever more amazing composite creations. The collection presented to the gallery redefines the archaic imagination of this obsolete object by transforming its symbolic load. At the same time decorative, sophisticated and heterogeneous, the fountain according to Hoffner fascinates by its sought aesthetics, its undeniable playful dimension and its way of awakening the senses.

And after his fountains, what will be Arthur Hoffner's next creative madness? We are looking forward to it.

Léa Pagnier

Photographs: Gérard Jonca / Manufacture and Museum

To learn more, visit Arthur Hoffner's website


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