When one hears Banksy's name, no one knows what will follow. Urban facilities, hotel design or amusement parks, no medium can resist him. Added to this list today is the opening of a funny shop in London (UK) called "Gross Domestic Product" and grouping the flagship works of the artist in the manner of derivatives. So, blow of pub or expo?

It's either the worst or the best reason for an exhibition. While a greeting card salesman tries to take over Banksy's name to sell fake goods, the (supposedly) British artist decides to take his usurper to his own game and open his own sign, halfway through the way between souvenir shop and kitsch contemporary exhibition. " I think they [the greeting card company] rely on the idea that I will not go to court to defend myself " says the artist. But that was without counting on his innate sense of the turnaround. Because, in this kind of dispute, it is enough for the owner of the mark to ... use it to sell!

Neither one nor two, Banksy invests a former rug store in Croydon (London) and turns it into a pop-store of a new kind. Some of his iconic works, such as the Flower thrower - here framed and presented in the form of a triptych - or his bulletproof vest decorated with the English flag, but also unpublished objects such as doormats sewn by hand by women detained in camps in Greece, disco-ball made from riot helmets or a carpet with the image of the Frostie's cereal brand. As teasing as political, these works are available for sale on the internet, from 10 books, two weeks after the closing of the store. Part of the funds raised will be used to provide a new lifeboat to the migrants, replacing the confiscated by the Italian authorities, when the benefit of the woven carpets will come right back to their creators.

We had never seen any legal problems to be settled with so much presence!

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Photographs: Banksy

Zoe Térouinard

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