Here is an amazing collaboration! Nina Dodd knits when Joseph Ford photographs. Their series "Invisible Jumpers" combines their two talents and captures unusual scenes where the clothes imagined by the designer blend with the landscape.

Their collaboration begins in 2014 through the series "Knitted Camouflage" which will gradually turn into "Invisible Jumpers". The concept is simple: a model poses before a landscape chosen beforehand dressed in a dress made by Nina Dodd taking the pattern of the frame.

Everything goes on: brick walls, metro tiles, transport seats and even the street-art work of urban artist Mr. Chat, specially made for the photographer. A job not unlike that Liu Bolin which, rather than putting the model in value, tries on the contrary to camouflage it as much as possible. If the most septic shouting Photoshop, the two friends assure us: no post-production is necessary, only the point of view of Joseph Ford and the talents of stylist Nina Dodd are at the origin of this series poetic and playful.
Visual side, the photographer puts on a very colorful aesthetic, a bit kitsch, and does not hesitate to stage models, certainly, but also animals or even fruit, in pop compositions.

This project reaches a new point today because it is now the subject of a publication gathering the best trompe-l'oeil made by the duo.

An illusion photograph that showcases architecture with humor!

To learn more, visit the site of Joseph Ford

Photographs: Joseph Ford

Zoe Térouinard

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of architecture in newsstands


MAGAZINE pop-up display

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