Presented at Sergeant Paper, a hybrid spot between gallery and concept-store of BHV Marais (4th arrondissement), the series "Street View Journey" by the Japanese artist Nao Tatsumi offers a new meaning to Google Street View. Inspired by these digital landscapes, the painter throws them on the canvas offering them a dreamlike pastel treatment.

Current artist at Sergeant Paper, Nao Tatsumi lives and works in Tokyo (Japan). A graduate of art in architectural design, the illustrator is passionate about the journey ... digital, made possible by the Google Street View program. From Mexico to Los Angeles via Japan, the artist travels the globe behind her computer and retranscribes the different views of streets, industrial zones and other boulevards on her canvas. His style, naive and colorful, frightened these impersonal captures of Google and gives life to cities that many will never know that through their screen.

After being exhibited at Creative Space 890 (Tokyo) or KEPCO Art Center Gallery in Seoul (Korea), his works are now on sale at Sergeant Paper. Between art gallery and trendy boutique, the concept located in the BHV Marais promises accessible art suitable for all budgets and all tastes. On the lookout for young talent, the concept highlights this month the work of Nao Tatsumi on his e-shop, for our greatest happiness.

So, a trip without leaving your living room, what do you think?

To find out more, visit the sites from Nao Tatsumi et from Sergeant Paper

Photographs: Nao Tatsumi

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