The two young photographers, Morgane Renou and Simon Schnepp, have formed the Schnepp Renou duo since 2012. Specializing in architectural photography, the Franco-German duo captures urban landscapes around the world and magnifies them with an artistic mastery of photography. Zoom on an outstanding collective work.

While Simon Schnepp educates his eye to photography in Germany, Morgane Renou is introduced to the visual arts in France and Canada. However, it was not until these two talents met at the Best-Sabel photography school in Berlin (Germany) that their aesthetic approaches were merged, before becoming the Schnepp Renou concept at the end of their studies. The result is a first series of photographs "Les Grands Ensembles" which sublimates social housing from the 1970s and 1980s erected in the Parisian suburbs.

The strength of the Schnepp Renou duo lies above all in a collective photographic work. Simon Schnepp and Morgane Renou share the same desire to take an aesthetic view of the world. In their various projects, the operator always fades in favor of the image. No matter who presses the trigger, the two artists always favor the beauty of the architectures photographed, from the organic volume of the Choux de Créteil (93) to the atypical Montreal housing Habitat 67 (Canada), passing by the very contemporary architecture of Futurium. from Berlin.

Attracted by the charm of the architectural lines, the duo creates aesthetic images which accurately transcribe the soul of each place. Their photographs attest to their own language: a worked style, precise framing and an esthetic gaze.

Polished aesthetic images that invite us to rediscover historic buildings.

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Photographs: Schnepp Renou

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