Alumni of Christie's, Olivia de Fayet and Fanny Saulay wanted to offer art lovers an accessible and pleasant place to find atypical works. Far from white cubes cold and impersonal, their Wilo & Grove concept takes place in the “Wiloft”, a former printing house converted into an apartment where paintings and sculptures mingle with antique and designer furniture. A comfortable loft where the favorite pieces of these 2.0 gallery owners blend into the decor.

Professionals in the art world, Olivia de Fayet and Fanny Saulay were constantly receiving requests from their friends looking to buy works without knowing where to go or even where to turn. The options then boiled down to inaccessible galleries or market places online where amateurs easily get lost in too wide a selection.

Their response to this hermetic world? A complete concept including an e-shop, a showroom and pop-up stores ephemeral, all offering various works chosen by the two gallery owners. Rooms highlighted in a unique scenography, incorporating all the codes of the apartment. At Wiloft as in pop-up stores, you feel like at home! Between designer furniture and vintage accessories, the showroom located in the 9th arrondissement appears to be a true collector's pied-à-terre where the works are an integral part of the decoration, from the living room to the bedroom via the bathroom.

The philosophy of the duo being focused on democratization and accessibility to the art world, all prices are displayed and range from 50 to 5 euros. An eclectic selection offering a wide range of media, techniques and influences, allowing everyone to find THE piece that will make their hearts capsize.

A refreshing concept that dramatizes the purchase of art without ever making a concession on the quality of the works.

To learn more, visit the Wilo & Grove site

Photographs: Wilo & Grove

Zoe Térouinard

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