Because contemporary art has become totally unaffordable, reserved for a few "happy few" belonging to an elite, the artist Jean-Paul Marchini, who exhibits all over the world, breaks out of the mold to make this art accessible.

Pierre-Paul Marchini, of international notoriety, decided to break market codes by launching the NO ARTE movement. The concept: to democratize access to contemporary art, by recreating a direct link between the artist and art lovers. Sold without intermediaries, his canvases listed at DROUOT are offered at affordable prices. They are also offered via an original medium in the very closed art world: an online permanent exhibition gallery available on Facebook.

If nothing destined Pierre-Paul Marchini to become a painter, his talent today does not go unnoticed. The artist has thus created several hundred paintings and participated in dozens of exhibitions, notably in Paris (Louvre and Espace Cardin), New York, Vienna, Miami, Venice, Florence, Palermo... He has notably exhibited at the Fiac in 2012 and won the 3rd painting prize at the major international contemporary art competition in 2014.

But this glory does not change the man: Pierre-Paul Marchini remains simple, anchored in his native Corsica. He also defines himself as a "Corsican artist" and imposes to be presented in this way during international fairs.

By creating the "NO ARTE" movement in 2019, he wanted to free himself from the control of the system on the creations of artists. He can also exchange directly with all those who appreciate his work.

A concept that hits the mark! Despite the health crisis, Pierre-Paul Marchini was able to continue to sell his paintings to art lovers seduced by his modern works which oscillate between an abstract sometimes lyrical, sometimes decorative.

More active than ever, Pierre-Paul Marchini continues to paint and is currently preparing an exhibition to be held at Lazaret Ollandini in Ajaccio, a superb site which hosts temporary events alongside the permanent collection of works by sculptor Marc Petit.


To learn more, visit Accounts Facebook et Instagram by Pierre Paul Marchini.




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