On the occasion of the first edition of this festival, which took place last October, the anonymous Spanish artistic collective Luzinterruptus produced a large poetic piece made up of light and its casualness. A large wall covered with countless notebooks with blank pages…

The created work thus took over the Plaza Mayor, imposing its overwhelming simplicity on the Baroque architecture surrounding it. 

The object here was to create a gigantic white surface leaving plenty of room for freedom of speech through a collage of intimate and anonymous pages, agitated by the wind. The show offered viewers a myriad of random compositions from collective contributions.

Emphasis was also placed on the sound produced by the moving pages which was to become a single, constant voice composed of every idea and thought expressed on the moving luminous paper.

To give shape to this “wailing wall”, built in one of the most emblematic areas of Madrid, a giant wall was erected with an impressive scaffolding structure! More than 4 recycled paper notebooks were then meticulously arranged to obtain this continuous and gigantic surface... 

Before the installation, more than 2 notebooks were distributed in the municipal centers for the elderly in the city so that the latter could express their hopes, their fears but also their thoughts during the confinement. They were thus able to tell their stories with, sometimes, disconcerting details. Others preferred to draw, in some cases showing great talent. It is thanks to these letters, poems, stories, words, images and scribbles that this large luminous memory panel was able to see the light of day. 


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