For its second exhibition, the bookstore-gallery Rupture Arts & Books has chosen to invite the artist Joseph Dadoune, whose latest book, Fresh Light, prefaced by art critic and exhibition curator Donatien Grau, will be launched on opening day.

Joseph Dadoune practices photography, video, painting and drawing, mainly in pastel, his favorite tool. A passionate draftsman, he fills handmade Indian paper notebooks with spontaneous, abstract and colorful compositions, direct impressions and sensitive memories of the places where he stays, the Mediterranean in mind.

Fresh Light is the reproduction of one of them, a true celebration of summer light that the artist captures and transfigures in his drawn landscapes. We find there the bright and warm colors of a nature bathed in sunlight, as well as the shapes, symbols and words that constitute the artist's vocabulary.

Three series on paper and on canvas are exhibited alongside a selection of the artist's notebooks shown in the window, such as that of Fresh Light: Flowers, a series of pastel drawings that depict a field of black flowers that bring life and of death, of presences and absences; Found you (2018-2019), a set of small-format paintings, graphic, joyful and colorful variations around the notions of encounter and union; Spring / I love you with your [email protected] bodies (2022), a large recent diptych, straight out of the studio, like a bouquet of luminous and abstract yellow flowers.

The works of Joseph Dadoune are offerings to color, to nature and to their beauty, which bring together in a singular way the autobiographical and the political, the East and the West, the real and the imaginary, all worlds of the artist.


“Fresh Light” exhibition

Bookstore-gallery Rupture Arts & Books

From February 9 to April 2

24 rue Vertbois, 75003 Paris


Visuals ©: Simone Simon




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