"Blak Beauty: poetic itineraries of Aboriginal Australia" offers a discovery of Australian Aboriginal art and literature in an unprecedented rapprochement between painted images and poetic writings.

Two modes of expression that nurture some of the oldest artistic traditions in the world. Based on the Baudoin Lebon collection, one of the very first collections of contemporary Aboriginal art in France, the project confronts a set of ritual objects, ocher paintings on bark, and acrylic works on canvas from the north and central Australia, to a selection of poetic texts written by contemporary Aboriginal authors. 

These comparisons highlight a poetics of space in which the creative act does not dissociate image, words and a look at salient contemporary issues in Australia, France and Oceania. 

In a thematic journey organized into seven sequences, the exhibition addresses the way in which artists relate to places, memories and knowledge, in the context of the colonial and environmental upheavals that run through Australia's history. 

Highlighting the beauty of Aboriginal experience and cultures, such as poet Romaine Moreton's poem 'Blak Beauty', the exhibition offers a dive into Aboriginal Australia and the encounter with a courage that 'knows no defeat'. (Moreton). 


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