When a brand of high-end furniture made in France rubs shoulders with an art gallery dedicated to street art, the result is a unique arty piece: the Saparella fireside chair in this case... 

The world of Cinna is a world where received ideas are made to be challenged. Cinna has always liked to confront artistic circles whose intuitions often shape the lifestyles of tomorrow.

Always modern, certainly a precursor, sometimes iconoclastic, Cinna has approached the L'Atelier Unik gallery, which defends Street Art talents to create singular and unique pieces.

For this first collaboration, Cinna and L'Atelier Unik break the codes of the Saparella fireside chair and choose the artist Maliss to create a first Street Art work. Reissue of a pioneering model released in 1965, Michel Ducaroy's Saparella is made up of twelve perfectly distinct pieces thanks to well-marked seams.

Maliss started from this observation to give free rein to his imagination with two strong convictions: the desire to intervene on the fireside chair so that it is a complete and unique work, while offering the possibility of artistic continuity, in case of creation of a sofa from a juxtaposition of low chairs.

Thus Maliss created not one but twelve works of art on the fireside chair: the eight horizontal stripes, the bottom of the seat, the back and the sides. Alone or multiplied, the low chair remains a unique piece.


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