Homo Faber Event returns to Venice in 2022 to offer an unprecedented cultural experience of the world of craftsmanship, with 15 immersive exhibitions. For its second edition, the event is expanding its vision of fine craftsmanship to the international scene. 

By honoring craftsmen from Japan, it promotes the revered craft traditions and ancestral know-how of this country and recalls the influence of Japan on European creativity and craftsmanship. Together, these exhibitions present a wide range of materials and skills, between ancestral know-how threatened with extinction and some of the most innovative contemporary techniques. 

The event gives pride of place to talented craftsmen from all over the world, to their precious know-how, their unique stories and the influence of their region. Some exhibitions invite visitors to meet these craftsmen and share a moment with them, in the middle of their work. In other spaces, it is the scenography that brings these artisanal practices to life. Visitors thus have the opportunity to explore the links between the world of contemporary craftsmanship and the broader universe of arts and design. In one of the exhibition spaces, some of the most prestigious luxury houses unveil the craftsmanship behind their creations. 

In another space, director Robert Wilson takes visitors on a theatrical journey through an interpretation of an emblematic evocation of Madama Butterfly, Puccini's opera. The role of “new generation” automatons will also be explored while a tea room set up as a craft concept demonstrates the link that craftsmanship has with our daily lives. Elsewhere, craftsmen and workshops show the essential role of their know-how in the creation of works of design. 

The preservation of these professions which are, in essence, rooted in sustainability is at the heart of the event. Many interactive activities, designed for different age groups, will inform future generations about these skills and the professions available to them. Thanks to the Young Ambassadors programme, talented students, selected from the best schools of applied arts and design in Europe, will be on hand to inform visitors and accompany them in their discovery. 

The exhibition expands its horizons to explore the close cultural relationship between Europe and Japan. This 2022 edition of Homo Faber Event honors the official recognition that Japan gives to the cream of its master craftsmen, whom the country designates as guardians of important intangible cultural assets. Visitors can admire the exceptional objects created, by hand, by 12 of these Living National Treasures: delicate porcelain, lacquered harp, dyeing of kimonos, and many more. An evocative exhibition of photos by Rinko Kawauchi transports visitors into the secret studio of these renowned master craftsmen. 

Installed on nearly 4 square meters, the event is a rare opportunity for the general public to discover the island of San Giorgio Maggiore and the magnificent buildings of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini. Places usually closed to visitors, such as the Longhena library or the Gandini swimming pool, will be specially opened for the occasion and transformed into exhibition spaces where craftsmanship will take center stage and where visitors will take part in the experience. 

Outside the walls of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini, the Homo Faber in Città project allows you to experience a secret Venice, by discovering craft workshops hidden along the city's canals. Visits will be offered exclusively in workshops, factories, stalls, museums and other places. Using the website or app, visitors can craft their own journey of artisanal encounters and appreciate the city from a radically new perspective. 


Homo Faber

From April 10 to May 1

Giorgio Cini Foundation



Visuals ©: Michelangelo Foundation / Matteo De Fina©Courtesy of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini.


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