Next April 19 will mark the release of the book by art historian Alix Paré from Editions du Chêne. A book entitled Heroines: from Cleopatra to Wonder Woman. Exceptional women with exceptional destinies who have inspired painters, sculptors and filmmakers of all eras. 

How have artists celebrated (or mitigated) the actions of these extraordinary women?

This is the purpose of this new “Heroine” opus from the Ҫa c'est de l'art collection. A myth to (re)discover in 40 entries through, among others, the works of Delacroix and Poussin, Nadar and Calder, De Chirico and Hiroshige. 

What do Cleopatra, Josephine Baker and Joan of Arc have in common? The exceptional destinies of these women have inspired painters, sculptors and filmmakers. 

However, women were often left aside by artists in favor of other male heroes such as Hercules, Oedipus, Perseus or Theseus. Faced with these heroes, the mythological heroines are discreet. 

Often subordinated to a male character, they enjoy relative power. Their iconography, positive in Antiquity, is more ambivalent in modern times. 

Heroines: from Cleopatra to Wonder Woman

Alix Pare

Released: April 19, 2022

Oak Editions 


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