Let's go for the 7th edition of the MOOC Arts of the Roaring Twenties! The Rmn-Grand Palais, with the support of the Orange Foundation, is launching a free online course on the theme… of the Roaring Twenties. On the program: access to culture through free courses accessible to all.

To offer as many people as possible access to culture: this is the objective of this new edition. This MOOC accompanies the Pioneer Artists in Paris of the Roaring Twenties exhibition which takes place at the Luxembourg Museum from March 2 to July 10, 2022. What are we talking about? 

The decade 1919-1929 was a time of artistic and cultural proliferation: literary, musical, architectural and decorative creations. This decade is aptly named. She is “crazy” because in ten years, the art world as a whole has undergone a tremendous (re)evolution. Some of the most famous artists of the time include Joséphine Baker, Picasso, André Breton, Man Ray and many others. These talents have marked the history of art… but who are they? What are the Roaring Twenties? Why is this period so important artistically and culturally? How did she influence art and culture as we know them today? To these questions, the MOOC 2022 provides an answer.

The Arts of the Roaring Twenties MOOC will offer more than 250 works, videos, photos, which will illustrate this flourishing period and the artists who marked it. In addition, texts written by two art historians, lecturers at the Rmn-Grand Palais will be told through images by Isabelle Courty, editorial manager of digital educational sites at the Rmn-Grand Palais. Finally, quizzes to test the knowledge acquired will be offered.


Registration is free on: 

Start of classes on March 28, 2022


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