The imagination, considered nowadays as non-essential, left as the only tool of dreamers and artists, is however a faculty inherent in each human being allowing him to apprehend the world, its multiple realities and therefore better, to build our societies. 

The Naïa Museum therefore brings together more than 300 works by 85 international artists with sculptures, paintings, digital and kinetic works, photographs, comics, illustrations... All in the universe of the fantastic and the visionary who question, arouse curiosity and invite to the imagination. 

A private museum, it is also a gallery that offers works for sale as well as fun activities to share with the family. Every year in March, the museum reinvents itself to offer a new experience to visitors. 

On the strength of its 7 previous seasons, which have permanently inscribed the establishment in the European cultural landscape, the co-founders, Manu and Patrice, both artists, have once again completely redesigned the entire scenography. Their aim is to create connections between the works, the place and the public in order to create a new dialogue and to build a message.

Here, the atmosphere is ideal for transporting the viewer to other lands: the medieval environment of the castle estate, with its own history and that of Naïa, the witch, as well as access to part of the old underground of the fortress take us on a journey to the land of the arts of the imaginary where awareness of the different possible realities opens up.


Naia Museum

14 Castle Street



Visuals ©: Naïa Museum


To learn more, visit Naia Museum website.



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