After two years of reconstruction, the Château de Maffliers, enthroned in the heart of an idyllic estate, has just awakened from a deep sleep. This building steeped in history is therefore experiencing a new lease of life thanks to the craftsmen and all the professionals who have made it a point of honor to find the right balance between modernity and historic charm, in order to re-enchant this building dating from the 19th century.

A page turns for the Château de Mafflier, which is reborn from its ashes. This huge 33-hectare estate, located one hour north of Paris, has been redesigned by Stella Cadente Studio with the aim of offering a bucolic atmosphere to its visitors, wishing to escape the rhythm imposed by city life.

Thus, on the road, near the small picturesque village of Maiers, old stones and opulent country houses announce the beginning of another world, far from everyday stress. 

When crossing the gates of the estate, visitors will be immediately struck by the simple and chic beauty of the buildings, surrounded by greenery and nature. Here time stops. It would almost be hard to believe that 40 kilometers away, Paris is still spinning. The Château de Maffliers, with its sumptuous white stone façade, immediately sets the tone: between modernity and tradition, Stella Cadente here redefines the meaning of the word “luxury”.

Inside this house, each object has a meaning and tells the story of everyday life in Maffliers: vases of flowers, table candlesticks, mirrors, carpet with bottle green tartan pattern, ceiling covered with gold leaf here and there... Here we are immersed in a chic universe borrowed from historical charm. During the month of May, the eight rooms on the first floor of the castle which will welcome visitors will also be renovated, each with a unique decoration and a breathtaking view of the Montmorency forest. 

Not far from this residence, there are seven gîtes, and at the entrance to the estate, an establishment housing 99 rooms… All in an atmosphere worthy of a fairy tale. Tourists will have the opportunity to reconnect with nature, to stroll on horseback, by bike or on foot in the kilometers of woods that the estate has...

In short, to pause time for a weekend. 


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