Here is a new exhibition that art lovers will not miss! Organized by the Museum of Art and History of Meudon, it will be dedicated to Maria Papa Rostkowska (1923-2008), sculptor of Polish origin from the “New School of Paris”. Back on the story of a pioneer of post-war art, who will have marked the history of her courage and her talent.

The Museum presents here an unprecedented retrospective which will highlight the works of Maria Papa Rostkowska resonating with those of her friends, painters and sculptors (Jean Arp, Émile Gilioli and Marino Marini), whom she rubbed shoulders with throughout her career. 

But who is Maria Papa Rostkowska? In order to understand the eminence of his works, we have to go back a little in time. Maria Papa Rostkowska was born in Poland in 1923 to a Russian mother and a Polish father. Very quickly, she became interested in the infinite world of creation and embarked on higher education in art and architecture in Warsaw from 1941 to 1944.

But at that time, Poland was occupied by German troops. In 1943, she married Ludwik Rostkowski Jr. Alongside her husband, Maria actively helped Jews flee from the Warsaw Ghetto, then, in August 1944, the artist joined the armed resistance and took part in the insurrection. Prisoner of the Germans, she escapes from the train that takes her to Auschwitz. For her acts of war, she will also be decorated with one of the highest Polish military medals. 

Holder of a scholarship from the Polish Government and financial assistance from the French Government and UNESCO, she went to study art in Paris (between 1947 and 1950). It was at this time that she discovered a passion for marble, and received the prestigious Prize for Sculpture from the William and Noma Copley Foundation.

Moreover, the Museum of Art and History of Meudon keeps an exceptional collection of works by artists from this period, grouped under the name New School of Paris. 

Works that have greatly contributed to the artistic renewal of post-war art: between figuration and abstraction. The exhibition Maria Papa Rostkowska and her artistic affinities with Jean Arp, Émile Gilioli or even Marino Marini will also highlight the plastic correspondences between her sculptures, the real threads of this presentation, and the drawings, collages and lithographs of Jean Arp. (1886-1966), Emile Gilioli (1911-1977) and Marino Marini (1901-1980). These four artists, having all practiced both sculpture and the graphic arts, are brought together in the museum within an intimate journey. 

An exhibition that art and history enthusiasts should not miss!


Practical information : 

From 26 March to 10 July 2022 

Museum of Art and History of Meudon


Visuals & Captions: © DR Maria Papa Rostkowska sculpting, Galerie del Naviglio 1967, Maria Papa Rostkowska, Mother and Child, 1990 (print 2021), Sculpture in the garden of the Meudon Museum of Art and History, © City of Meudon 



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