This is the first exhibition of the Mano Studio: creation studio created by Manon Oller, who presents here the fruit of her research around the sculpture-object through a collection of works reflecting her love for the Mediterranean. Creations to be found until June 25, 2022 at the Bohosphere Gallery in Lyon.

Questioning the border between art and design and offering visitors a reflection on the importance that objects can have in their daily lives: this is the objective of this immersive exhibition at the heart of the universe of La Mano Studio.

Sometimes useful, sometimes a source of wonder, each object carries its own story and transforms the environment in which it is integrated. Taking a naive and childish look at this joint allows you to escape to an island where shapes instantly transmit emotions. 

A scenography specifically designed for this exhibition will invite the public to stroll between works with a hybrid use, sometimes abstract, sometimes formal, endowed with a strong architectural dimension. 

The work presented by La Mano Studio evokes the torpor of the summer months, where the luminosity and the heat stun the vision and the thought. Under these conditions, the caves and cavities then constitute an ideal refuge, an oasis allowing everyone, slowly, to grasp again the contrasts of light. This moving landscape then evokes the possibility of appropriating, intuitively, dreamed objects and following one's own construction. 


Until June 25

Bohosphere Gallery 

19 Fulchiron Quay 

69005 Lyon


Visuals ©: Manon Oller and Fanny Magot


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