The Walsh Gallery Monaco has settled near the famous Port Hercule, but also near the first corner of the emblematic F1 circuit...which is timely with the start of the Monaco Grand Prix which starts on May 27!

To mark a world where we can once again touch, smell and see the smiles of others, Walsh has created an immersive experience: not only is a branded white cotton glove offered at the entrance, but customers are also invited to interact. with the star pieces that are dressed in fabric skirts that can be lifted, necessarily bringing a little smile!

The eccentric British artist has also decided to launch his most insolent collection to celebrate the event... Entitled Cheeky, the latter celebrates fashion, elegance and audacity. Walsh has retained the chic of his style here by using fabrics made from original items of luxury clothing such as Chanel and Gucci. Each artwork is also framed with brushed oak frames in subtle gold, which adds to the elegance of its art. 

A work to celebrate the end of COVID and whose inspiration comes from the elegance of vintage tennis and automobile photographs. The collection thus celebrates the beauty of women and adds a bit of sassy and unexpected personality to make the world smile.

A space with a vibrant style that will leave no one indifferent!


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