On the eve of its twenty years of existence, the association Les Amis du Paysage Français presents from September 09 to 18, 2022 the exhibition “De Natura. Three painters, three engravers” at the Orangery of the national domain of Meudon.

As part of a collective adventure born in 2007 from the donation made to the Museum of Art and History of Meudon of the collection of landscape paintings by Christian Grellety-Bosviel, the association organized, for fifteen years, with the support from the museum, numerous temporary exhibitions celebrating the often overlooked representatives of the French landscape in the XNUMXth century (Jean Laronze, Antoine Chintreuil, Théodore Rousseau, etc.). Faithful to this passion for the representation of nature, Les Amis du Paysage Français now wishes to broaden their horizons by opening up to contemporary artistic expressions of the landscape, from here and elsewhere.

Conceived as the founding event of this revival, the exhibition “De Natura. Three painters, three engravers" proposes to highlight six of these artistic looks, female and male (Jean-Lüc Bourel, Christine Jean, Lionel Guibout, Hélène Baumel, Nicole Guézou and Jacques Meunier), and to probe through them what the landscape of today, like that of the past, conceals strength, poetry, mystery and beauty, like a hinterland that we travel through like a beyond us -same.


From Nature. Three painters, three engravers »

From 9 to 18 September 2022

At the Orangery of the national domain of Meudon


Visuals ©: Friends of the French Landscape


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