Brunelda is an atypical artist, who conceives and captures faces with a unique "paw". Inspired by the great Picasso, she creates watercolors that are so many invitations to let yourself be carried away by beauty and calm. A world of softness and cheerfulness, all in abstraction, which breathes peace and harmony. Each work is an original and unique creation, Brunelda refusing to give in to the ease of serial printing.

Brunelda paints custom watercolors, inspired by the stories and photographs of her clients. They can even choose the color palette and the size of the work, to have a portrait that really looks like them, in the style of the artist. A kind of co-creation which also gives an exceptional experience. We no longer put “a” portrait at home, but “his” portrait. The illustration becomes a vector of transmission, it embodies the family story. A work of art with an extra soul that we will be happy to offer to future generations.

From her beautiful Parisian studio, Brunelda leads classes so that everyone can learn to make illustrations with watercolors. In this bright place, conducive to creativity, she presents online watercolor lessons for beginners and live masterclasses. True to her temperament, the young Spanish designer also takes the opportunity to share advice in another area: the art of enjoying the present moment.

The courses are delivered in several videos accessible online. His students can thus progress at their own pace, and take the time to assimilate each lesson.


From September 29 to October 5

BHV Paris 


Visuals © : Brunelda 2022




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