The publisher Domeau & Pérès presented yesterday in Paris two of its new products for 2010: in leather and wood, "Particule", the armchair by Matali Crasset and "Brooklyn Machine Works", a luxurious bicycle finely covered in leather designed by Pharrell Williams, singer and hip hop producer.

The Belgian designer Vincent Olm sign this minimalist hangers. A simple oak stick with 4 of teeth that allow hang as many clothes. An object that questions us by means of the economy he has shown.

Young German designer, Sarah Lovgren offers us this hybrid creation, and between seat belt comfort. With its flexible structure, enveloping the object becomes habitable and changes shape according to your desires.

China, Hangzhou, for the inauguration of the gallery Chapter 7, the British designer Tom Price made this installation organic polypropylene.

On the walls of the creative agency iart Basel, the Swiss designers Zmik achieved this spatial and graphic work. Using the principle of anamorphosis, they redesign the space, expand the corridors and offer new perspectives to the imaginary parts.

Imagined by Rui Alves, Portuguese designer of My Own Design Studio, "Fiss Family" is a series of luminaires not like the others. Tables or wooden brackets, illuminated the underside, between furniture and fixtures.

With this chair perforated, WORD plays with shadows. More than the shape of the object itself, it's his game under the light that created the show.

Swiss designer Mattia Bonetti outlines his latest creations at the Paul Kasmin Gallery in New York from February 11 13 2010 March. Furniture at the border of art and design.

interior architect and designer based in Vienna, Denis Belenko designed this lamp. With its truncated lampshade and unstable foot, she finds the balance once against the wall, flirting with the architecture.

Perched high on steel feet, this lamp of Swiss designer Adrien Rovero defines the space of reading. By the light it broadcasts but also by its spatial extent. And the object becomes a place.
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