Designer and Parisian architect, Philippe Macaigne presents his furniture line "Craftbymac". A storage, a chair, a lamp and a desk at the intersection of craft and design.

Rugs of this collection created by Jan Kath are decorated with partly offset by an acid treatment patterns. A reflection on the aesthetics of destruction, the wear and the effects of time.

Designed by architect Ivo Otasevic Serbian and noticed in Milan, the "A Chair" is a chair design simple and complex at once, its angular shape and sculptural resulting from folding a single plan.

Created by designer Damjan Stankovic, the concept of wall outlet turns into a power strip in a wink. A winning project of Reddot Design Awards.

Made from a single piece of perforated aluminum sheet and folded without assembly or welding, the chair "tfl03alu" is a prototype created by designer Tobias Labarque.

This concept of bench consists of 2 basic modules folded aluminum. Comb-shaped, they interlock and can be assembled in many ways to vary the shape and dimensions of the seat.

Designed by Nucleo Design, these units are made of cardboard and foam covered with resin. An experimental project, a reflection on the fragility of the flesh and skin.

Italian designer Gionata Gatto imagined this system compact and portable garden. A concept that would grow fruit and vegetables anywhere, urban, private area or in public spaces.

Designed by Viennese designers Liddy Scheffknecht and Armin B. Wagner, this cardboard office concept unfolds in the manner of animated books. Discover the video.

Pallets Industries imagined by the chair "Dharma" and the lamp "Camus" are composed of capital letters. Lace graphics, seat and shade play with light and shadows.
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