Both furniture and bulkhead, hanging storage of felt it taking shape and deforms according to his use. A flexible and changing Mehtap creating Obuz for Ilio.

"Nevroz" Bakelite is a level created by French artist Yann Lestrat. Spherical, the precision tool is in perpetual imbalance, measured object impossible and surreal, between everyday objects and sculpture.

Envisioned by Model_Bananova and presented on the LED-Emotionalize site, this concept of hanging lamp is inspired by the shape of a plastic bag.

Created by the design studio Korean Metaconcrete, this shelf tubes and sheet metal bends and meanders. Strange, uncertain, fragile appearance.

The plateau of this coffee table tubular consists of 9 compartments is possible to lay magazines of different sizes. Below, as many storage to stacking back issues there. When the use gives form to the object.

Dutch designer Lex Pott presents its series of wooden tables made of planks and branches assemblies. Between industrial design and use of natural elements.

Made by Norman farmers from a design by designer François Azambourg, this shelter-shaped installation is made of agglomerated flax fibers. It will be exhibited from January 22 to 26, 2010 in the "Now! Design à Vivre" area of ​​the Maison & Objet fair.

Interior designer, Michael Malapert imagined these particular objects. The "interior jewels", XXL collars to hang on the walls and becoming objects of decoration, playing with space, light and reflections.

Equipped with a counterweight, the public bench "Pebro" stands when not in use. Between furniture and sculpture, creating a changing, reacting to user contact.

Inspired treats his childhood, Kevin Champeny created for this Jellio made light suspension 2000 small colored bear. Graphic and delightfully regressive.
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